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The Hang Out Beachbar has grown into a thriving and popular place to be. With a well-stocked bar, a brand new open kitchen, offering all kinds of sandwiches, salads and chef's specials, comfortable beach beds and lounges and the everlasting Service-with-a-smile, this is where you live according to the true Caribbean relaxed lifestyle.

Enjoy the great food, drinks and atmosphere, go surfing or relax at the beach. And don’t forget to check our event schedule!.

Did you know....

The Hangout is actually called the "Hang Out" because in the beginning there were no bar stools to sit on. There were only windsurfing trapezes, attached to the bar, where you could "hang” in :)

See you soon!!

Your Hangout Beachbar Team


  • 1988
  • 1989
  • 2009
  • 2014
The history of the Hang Out Beachbar

Ernst van Vliet
starts Jibe City

In 1988, the originally Dutch Ernst van Vliet, has founded Jibe City from the trunk of his car.

Ernst at that time could be seen very often, windsurfing along the coast of Kralendijk, or driving around with his surfboard strapped on top of his car, looking for the next great place to go into the water!

When he first arrived at the Sorobon area, in the southeast of the island, it was immediately clear to him that the incredibly beautiful, natural surroundings of Lac Bay, where Sorobon is located, would be the best place to be to bring out his long cherished dream: the creation of a surf shop!

Van Dijk Jibe

Ernst builds the
Hang Out Hut

Ernst once said in an interview: "At first I just wanted to start-up a short-term rental of boards and sails and serve fellow surfers at the best surf spots on the island from my Rambler Rebel wagon. But soon I realized that Lac Bay simply is the best place on Bonaire for windsurfing and I decided to build a simple cabin for my boards and sails. First, this shack was simply called 'Windsurfing Bonaire', but because the conditions are so perfect for 'Jibing' (reaching downwind and turn the stern through the wind), I soon called it 'Jibe City'.

Ernst's cabin has been transformed over the past two decades into what it is today: a thriving surf center with a nice 'hang out', the Hang Out Beach Bar, with an attractive menu, tasty cocktails and great people behind the bar, in the kitchen and on the beach.


Willem and Christine take
over the Hang Out Beachbar

In the beginning there were not even half the number of people that is now sailing the azure lagoon, active in windsurfing on Bonaire. So you can really say that one man, Ernst van Vliet, is the reason is that nowadays a lot of windsurfers sometimes take extremely long flying trips to come here to enjoy the great conditions.

After 2007, when Ernst felt it was time to say goodbye to Lac Bay, several improvements were made, adjustments to the present time, especially after 2009, when Christine and Willem took over the Hang Out Beach Bar. But despite all the changes, it still doesn't matter what you do at Jibe City: the Hang Out Beach Bar is still the most relaxing, warmest and yet 'coolest' spot in the world for windsurfing and enjoying good music, a snack and a drink!

Gilbet and Vivienne

Gilbert and Vivienne
join the management team

After a thorough training period of several years, the eldest son of Christine and Willem, Gilbert, along with his girlfriend Vivienne, joins the management team of the Hang Out Beach Bar this year.

Vivienne and Gilbert since then take care of inventory management, hiring staff, planning, et cetera. Christine and Willem behind the scenes still add their vision and the entire management team daily seek successfully for improvement of service, atmosphere and quality of products.

Our Location

The Hang Out Beach Bar is located in the Sorobon area, right at the fabulous azure Lac Bay, the site of Jibe City, the windsurfing center of Bonaire. The Hang Out is best reached by car, via the tourist Kaminda Sorobon from Nikiboko or from Belnem along the Donkey Sanctuary.
Lac Bay is a beautiful, shallow, azure lagoon where beginners to professional windsurfers can pick up their hearts, but also for spectators to enjoy these spectacular views.

Jibe City

Jibe City is a relaxed and laid back windsurf centre situated on the east coast of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean where you can rent windsurf equipment, stand-up-paddle boards, take lessons or just chill and enjoy the view and the windsurf action. Thanks to steady trade winds Bonaire is one of the top windsurf locations in the world.

No matter if you are a beginner or advanced windsurfer, Jibe City has a group of talented and trainded group of instructors to help you progress to the next level.

Jibe City offers the latest selection of world class boards from JP-Australia, Fanatic and F2 with fully rigged sails from Severne, Neil Pryde and MauiSails.

In our shop you will find the latest surf clothing from major brands and accessories, such as Reef, O'Neil, Hurly, Dakine, Mystic et cetera

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